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Established in 1997, Clarence Care is one of the leading distributors of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the U.K, our team is proud to have assisted hugely during the pandemic. PPE supplies to the NHS are now under control, Clarence Care Services feel that every citizen deserves a high level of protection that our private healthcare clients have enjoyed for years.

New risk assessments are taking place across the country. Make safety your number one priority has always been our slogan. We can help shield you from the viruses when you are in the most vulnerable settings indoors and on public transport. Our new PPE pack available to the public provides cutting-edge advanced protection which is very much at our core of our values here at Clarence Care services.

In addition to the unrivalled level of quality, we are keen to ensure that all our products are easy to use and friendly to the environment. You require very simple instructions to use our products correctly and safely. We have offset the carbon emissions of each pack ensuring this is one the greenest options for face masks in the UK.
Clarence Care Services hope you will trust us to protect you and in turn protect your loved ones, friends and family. We strive for the best for our clients and hope you enjoy the solutions we have to offer.